Can I have more than one login per phone?

Yes, but we recommend using only one login per phone in order to avoid any issues with the slice redemption process.

Why are the surveys not opening?

Sometimes the surveys have an issue opening twice in the same session. Closing the Piemob app and reopening it should do the trick.

Why can’t I find my Wireless Provider?

Your Wireless Provider may not currently be a part of the Piemob Family (yet), but you can still earn and distribute Slices to numbers under our current selection of Providers.

Do Slices expire?

No, your Slices are yours until you wish to redeem them.

Can I spend Slices on anything other than my data plan?

No, currently Slices can only be redeemed towards prepaid wireless data plans.

Can I spend Slices on post pay plans?

No, currently the focus of Piemob is on prepaid data plans.

What is the minimum amount of Slices I can spend?

That is dependent on the Wireless Provider your current coverage is on. The Piemob app should let you know if your current goals are in line with your Provider’s minimum payment.

What if I am on a Prepaid Family Plan?

All Slices redeemed will go towards the bill associated with your number.

Why have I not received my Slices yet?

There may be an issue with the processing of your Slices. If your Slices are not in your account after a few days please check the Offer Wall to ensure credit was given for the task. If this issue persists please contact Piemob support through the “Contact Us” tab.

Will I receive credit for using an app before activating the offer?

No, in order to receive credit for Slices you must activate the offer through Piemob first.

How often do the Offers change?

Our Offers are subject to change multiple times a month. If you don’t see an Offer you like today you may see one tomorrow!

What is the maximum payment I can put towards my data plan?

You can pay off your entire data bill for the month with Slices. Your limit is your bill!

Where can I go if my question/issue is not listed here?

You can go to the “Contact Us” tab if this sheet was unable to answer one of your questions and a Piemob agent will be happy to get back to you ASAP.